About the project

Erasmus+ Programme

Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Strategic Partnerships

Number of the Project: 2019-1-PL01-KA202-064996

01.12.2019 – 30.09.2022


Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej Politechnika Warszawska, PL


Technische Universität Darmstadt, DE

Polish Association of Building Managers, PL

Universitat Politècnica de València, ES

Association of Building Surveyors and Construction Experts, IE

Korporacja RADEX S.A., PL




Project addressed the vocational education and training sectoral priority by improvement of vocational education and training didactic materials of the construction project management and horizontal priority by facilitation of qualification recognition system for managers in construction.

Improving the education of personnel in this sector is very important because of the efficiency and sustainability of the construction industry. There is a great migration of engineers, construction managers in the construction sector due to the different state of economic development of the EU countries. For this reason, it is extremely important that construction managers’ qualification and skills are being recognized and certified in the same way all over EU.

Main aim of the Project was to extend – in transnational co-operation – the Construction Managers Library by six new manuals. Manuals, containing full contents in 4 languages (English, German, Polish and Spanish), allow their implementation and use in different countries and in EU VET education systems.



  • Increasing of managerial qualifications and knowledge of engineers and governmental officers for better consumption of EU funds as the respond for labour market requirements, and development of social dialogue.
  • Promotion of qualifications transparency through creating new tools allowing to present, compare and certify managerial qualifications of construction engineers.
  • Prepared new manuals, allow to take all forms of Continuous Professional Development courses (formal and informal learning) complementing technical knowledge of construction engineers with knowledge necessary for managers to independently run a business on the EU construction-investment market.
  • Exchange of best practices in the management areas (relevant subjects described in manuals) between Strategic Partners countries and presentation of this practices at EU level.
  • Improvement of educational offer vocational education and training, manuals could be used for CPD courses, postgraduate courses at the Partners Universities and for self learning of engineers.


  • continuous improvement of qualifications of engineers and managers in EU construction.
  • recognition and transparency of qualifications allowing betterment of mobility at EU market, as AEEBC created the European Building Expert (EurBE) title for construction managers, which already is and will be obtained through a number of courses basing on the set of foreseen manuals.
  • exchange of experience and knowledge between Partners countries to adjustment of education process to labour market requirements in EU for individual professional specializations.


  • increase multi-cultural exchange of best practices and knowledge between Partners countries and later – at UE level,
  • increase recognition of legal regulations, relevant to managerial subjects presented in manuals, at EU level and in Partners countries,
  • facilitate proper recognition and transparency of managerial skills in construction across EU.



-M26 – Mentoring and coaching in construction,

-M27 – Archeological and heritage protection aspects in construction,

-M28 – Disruptive innovation in construction management,

-M29 – Circular economy in construction,

-M30 – Affordable Housing,

-M31 – Social sustainability in construction.

-M32 – additional manual – Crisis Management – Covid – 19 in Construction